Bookbinding is the core of our work at the Guild of Theophilus.  We approach our bookbinding as living history and we specialise in the use of techniques and methods from the past - although we might on occasion give them a creative, contemporary twist.  An attention to detail in design is at the heart of our bookbinding work and our craft experience is based on solid art historical knowledge.  Many of the materials we use are either made or decorated ourselves.  All the leather we use is vegetable tanned and we stain it ourselves with authentic fermented vegetable dyes, following historic recipes.  At times we use decorated papers made my craftspeople with the same ethos as us, but we predominately use our own hand decorated papers for endpapers and as covering material.  We are one of only a handful of binders who work with such attention to detail and following this approach we are able to produce beautiful books that don't simply look authentic on the surface, but are authentic.